Silk Scarf – Phoenix


  • Wearable ART
  • 100% Twill Silk
  • Designed with love in London
  • Hand Hemming Finishes
  • Dry clean
  • Positive Luxury

50 cm x  50 cm


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100% Silk


50 x 50 cm

Sayna London wearable art scarves epitomize the fusion of exquisite craftsmanship and artistic expression. Each scarf is meticulously crafted in Italy, a country renowned for its centuries-old tradition of textile artistry. These scarves are more than just fashion accessories; they are veritable pieces of art that drape elegance around your neck.

Made with the utmost precision and care, Sayna London wearable art scarf scarves showcase a symphony of colors, patterns, and textures. Each design tells a unique story, reflecting the brand’s commitment to artistic innovation. The scarves are not just accessories; they are a canvas for creativity, a medium for self-expression.

What truly sets Sayna London apart is their dedication to ensuring that each scarf is a genuine work of art. Every step of the production process, from selecting the finest materials to the expert craftsmanship involved, is a testament to their pursuit of perfection.Owning a Sayna London Luxury Art Scarf is like owning a piece of wearable art. It’s a statement of individuality and sophistication, allowing you to express your style and appreciation for art simultaneously. Sayna London has elevated the scarf from a mere accessory to a cherished piece of artistry that transcends time and trends, making it a must-have for those who appreciate the intersection of fashion and artistry.