SAYNA LONDON showcased a luxury silk scarf fashion show at London Fashion Week, demonstrating 13 different ways of wearing silk scarves.


Last year, I was a tech engineer working in IT with a deep passion for art and fashion. I held a big dream of having my own brand to make a difference in the world through my unique designs. Despite being successful in my tech job, it was difficult for me to quit. However, I finally made the decision I had been thinking about for the past couple of years. I quit my job, and I did it!

It was time for a new beginning!

During the pandemic in 2020, I started working hard on my collection. I converted art to wearable art, creating pieces that are chic and go well with everything. I loved every second of designing. Sometimes, I changed the entire design and started from scratch, playing with colors and telling stories on each design. The story of transformation and new beginnings is present in each design, and I must admit that I left a piece of my heart in each one.

After facing lots of challenges and ups and downs, I found myself showcasing my collection at London Fashion Week. The photo captured the moment I affirmed to myself that I had become who I was meant to be and that I was on the right track. It was the beginning of my new journey!

I dedicate my collection to those who have decided to say goodbye to the past and start a new journey, those who have gone through challenges, grown from them, adjusted their crowns, and moved forward. I dedicate it to those who live with passion and have big dreams, those who believe in themselves and are born to rise and shine!

The “flying bird with spread wings” in my designs represents those who always aim high and “Fly High” towards their dreams!

I believe we can make the world a colorful place, one colorful design at a time! My vibrant, elegant, and sustainable wearable art is my gift to the world and my legacy.

LONDON Fashion Week 2021- SAYNA LONDON
london fashion week - SAYNA LONDON Fashion Show
SAYNA LONDON Fashion Show- london fashion week
SAYNA LONDON Fashion Show london fashion week 2021
SAYNA LONDON Scarf Fashion Show london fashion week 2021

Photos by Steve Carver Photography & Shane Finn Photography

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