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About Sayna Parvin


Designer and Founder of SAYNA LONDON

I was born twice.
First as a girl and the second time when I had to say goodbye to my family and  fly miles away to the UK all alone.
Yes! I was born again but this time with two wings like a bird.  All I had to do was to learn how to fly. My aim was to touch the sky, no matter how high!
I was determined to own the sky, to spread my wings, take a leap and fly high towards the sun.
That was when my journey started. The journey of becoming who I am! The journey of knowing myself, the journey of a new beginning. The tough journey that surely was worth taking and it has been reflected on most of my design inspiration.
At SAYNA LONDON, we believe We can make the world a Colourful place, one Colourful design at a time! What is made with passion will bring joy and passion to others’ lives.
SAYNA England UK Premium Luxury silk scarves

Our Values

Our brand  story has a main character, A Flying Bird with spread wings
We Fly High, Always!
The bird of our story spreads her wings and flies high towards her dreams, She is moving towards creating a better world, a world full of colour, joy and beauty.  She is ambitious and full of fire. Nothing can hold her back from her dreams. She flies high despite the thunder and storm.
We Care About Our Mother Earth
Our beautiful bird loves nature and the earth is her home therefore she cares about the future of our planet and takes good care of it.
 We Make the World A Colourful Place
Since she loves colour, she draws colourful designs and patterns in her path while spinning and dancing in the sky. Her colourful and sustainable wearable art is her gift to the world. She loves to spread smile and joy wherever she flies. It is her legacy!
We Are A Phoenix!
The bird of our story is a PHOENIX, the beautiful bird of flame that rises from her own ashes. She is a long lived bird that is reborn each time from her own flame. She rises to the sun and is transformed to a stronger and more beautiful version of herself.
WE Believe We All Have A PHOENIX Inside Us! Just like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, we too can rise and shine!

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