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About Sayna Parvin

“I design for those who love to be noticed, to shine and stand out from the crowd.”


Designer and Founder of SAYNA LONDON

I was born twice.
First as a little child, and then again when I had to say goodbye to my family and  fly miles away to follow my dream and chase my passion.
Yes! I was born again, this time with two wings, like if I were a bird. All I needed to do now was learn to fly. My aim was to touch the sky, no matter how high!
I was determined to own the sky, to open my wings and rise high towards the sun.
That was when my new journey started. The journey of becoming who I am! The journey of a new beginning, designing the life I always desired. The tough journey that surely was well worth it.
I believe we all have a Phoenix within us, and that, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we can rise too. I dedicate my collection to those who  believe in themselves and  are born to rise and shine!
We at SAYNA LONDON encourage you to fly high! Never give up until your dreams become reality. Embrace your new journey that leads you to a new you.
SAYNA England UK Premium Luxury silk scarves

Our Story 

Our story has a main character, A Flying Bird with spread wings

bird fly high
Fly High, Always!
The bird of our story spreads her wings and flies high towards her dreams. She is moving towards her goals, designing the life she desires  full of colour, joy and happiness.  She is ambitious and full of fire. Nothing can hold her back from her dreams. She flies high despite the thunder and storm.
Caring For The Mother Earth 
The bird of our story loves nature and the earth is her home therefore she cares about the future of our planet and takes good care of it.  She feels responsible for our mother earth, animals and all the creatures on it.
Paint The World Colourful
Since she loves colour, she draws colourful  patterns  while spinning and dancing in the sky. Her colourful and sustainable art is her gift to the world. She loves to spread smile and joy wherever she goes. It is her legacy!
It’s a Phoenix!
The bird of our story is a PHOENIX, the beautiful bird of flame that rises from her own ashes. She is a long lived bird that is reborn each time from her own flame. She rises from darkness to the sun and is transformed to a stronger and more beautiful version of herself.
She is fierce and fearless. She is ambitious. When she sets her mind to something she never quits! No matter how many obstacles get in her way she will keep moving forward. She flies high. She designs the life she loves. She rises and shines !
WE BELIEVE THAT EVERYONE HAS A PHOENIX WITHIN THEM! We, like the phoenix, can rise from the ashes and shine!
SAYNA England UK Premium Luxury silk scarves
saynalondon luxury british brand scarf

Our Values

Sustainable  & Ethical 
We follow the slow fashion approach.
We focus on designing well crafted and timeless pieces that can last long and can be passed from one generation to another. We don’t release our collections based on fashion seasons, We are absolutely seasonless!
Quality & Details
Detail is everything for us. What makes our pieces so unique is the quality of our fabric and the print penetration for the double sided look.
Each scarf is nicely finished with thousands of same size hidden stitches, all made professionally by hand to make a woman feel elegant, luxurious and beautiful.
We only produce limited edition to minimise our footprint and wastes. We carefully choose our packaging and wrapping papers from recycled materials. Our designs and production are made responsible and eco-loving because we love our planet and all the creatures on it !
How our products are made
Our products are designed in London and crafted in limited edition in Como Italy with finest silk by professional artisans ethically, sustainably and eco friendly. We only work with small manufacturers who are in line with our values

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