SAYNA PARVIN | Founder and Designer of SAYNA LONDON
“I design for those who love to be noticed, to shine and stand out from the crowd.”


Designer and Founder of SAYNA LONDON

I was born twice.

First as a baby, and then again when I had to say goodbye to my family and  fly miles away to follow my dream and passion.
Yes! I was born again, this time with two wings, like a bird. All I had to do now was spread my wings and start flying. My goal was to reach for the sky, no matter how high!

And that was when my new journey started. The journey of a new beginning of becoming who I am, the tough journey that surely was well worth it.

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I am a former tech engineer with a strong passion for art, design, and fashion. I studied several fashion and textile courses at London top fashion colleges and finally I quit my job as an engineer to follow my dream, and thus SAYNA LONDON was born to bring you a colouful and timeless collection of wearable art that inspires you to fly high, be bold and stand out.

Our Story

Imagine a world where the skies are the limit and the only thing holding you back is your own self-doubt. This is the world that SAYNA LONDON wants you to live in. SAYNA LONDON launched in late 2020, during the pandemic, when the entire world shared one desire: to rise and blossom again!

The main concept behind our collection was to inspire people to believe in themselves. The “Fly High” collection was released in a limited edition for both men and women, with the same message: “spread your wings and fly high.”

We stablished our brand as a British designer of luxury silk scarves and accessories for women and men. Our aim is to turn art into wearable art. Our scarves are more than just scarves; they are pieces of art that each tell a story.

We aim to create designs that are timeless, elegant, and bold, as well as extremely well-crafted that can be passed down from generation to generation. We practise slow fashion and produce in a sustainable and waste-free manner.

join zero waste campaign sayna london


SAYNA LONDON is not just a brand, it’s a movement!

A movement towards a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of our design and manufacturing process.

Our designs are created in the heart of London, with sustainability in mind. We believe in buying less and buying better, and we are proud to be completely season-less. We create limited editions to reduce our footprint, and each piece is a unique work of art.

Our zero-waste policy and campaign are a testament to our commitment to reducing our environmental impact. We upcycle our leftover fabrics and samples, either by ourselves or in collaboration with designers and artists, to create new and innovative pieces that are as beautiful as they are sustainable.

Join us in our movement towards a better, more sustainable future. Wear SAYNA LONDON with pride, knowing that you are not only wearing a work of art, but also making a difference in the world.

Our Values

Eco Packaging
We carefully choose our packaging and wrapping papers from recycled materials.  We choose to be  eco-loving because we love our planet and all the creatures on it !

Responsible Sourcing
We only work with small manufacturers who are in line with our values

Made To Last
Our mission is to deliver timeless pieces with highest quality that last long and can be passed from one generation to another.

Zero Waste
We are committed to a zero waste future. Through upcycling and reusing as much as possible. Read more about our  zero waste campaign

luxury silk scarves SAYNA LONDON

Sayna in Persian means Phoenix

Phoenix, the beautiful bird of flame that rises from the ashes and is a symbol of transformation and rebirth. We believe we all have a Phoenix within us, and that, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we can rise too. The bird with spread wings in our designs is a symbol of rising and flying high.

Our colourful collection is dedicated to those who aim high and fly high, to those who believe in themselves and  are born to rise and shine!

phoenix rises from ashes in spring blossoms
Premium Luxury silk scarves SAYNA England UK

“We make the world a colourful place, one colourful design at a time”  -Sayna

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