Have you ever stopped to consider the environmental impact of the fashion industry? Unfortunately, the fashion industry is the world’s second-largest polluter after the oil industry. As this industry continues to grow, so does the environmental damage.

Did you know that most women only wear 20% of the items in their wardrobes? Fast fashion, which refers to the mass production of cheap and disposable clothing, is a huge contributor to this waste. Thousands of new collections are released each year, making us feel constantly out of date and encouraging us to buy more. Zara and H&M are two examples of this.

Clothing has become a disposable item in our society, which means we are producing an increasing amount of textile waste. We need to start asking ourselves if we really need that many clothes.

So, what can we do about it?

  1. At SAYNA LONDON, we are proud of our zero-waste policy, which begins with our design process and ends with our production. Before finalizing our products, we make a lot of samples and do a lot of fabric printing. We never throw them away; instead, we save them for upcycling. In 2022, we launched our ZERO WASTE CAMPAIGN, in which we collaborate with other designers to create new and creative upcycle designs using our waste.
  2. We don’t produce based on fashion seasons; in fact, we’d prefer to be seasonless. Instead, we only produce limited editions to maintain our stocks well and to keep the individuality and uniqueness of each item.
  3. We encourage our customers to buy less, buy better, and make it last. That is why we focus on timeless designs that will never go out of style, as well as premium quality that will last a lifetime and can be passed down to the next generation. We also offer financing to our customers who pay with Klarna at the checkout and split the payment over three months with no fees.

Join our ZERO WASTE campaign

Remember, we don’t need so many clothes. Our advice is to create a capsule wardrobe of easy-to-match and style items that can be dressed up or down.

So, join our ZERO WASTE campaign! Feel free to contact us via email or social media, and let’s discuss further.

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