the joy of painting on silk scarf

Painting on silk is like a two-way conversation between you, the artist, and the silk. You both play your role in creating a piece of art that is unique and beautiful. The silk loves to spread and move the paint as much as it can to different directions, blending colors and making shapes that you might not have planned. That’s just the beauty of silk painting.

As an artist, your role is to start the conversation by brushing the paint on the silk. Once you’re done, it’s time for the silk to take over and do its part. You have to be patient with your silk because sometimes it needs to take its time to dance with the colors while playing and moving them around. And sometimes, the colors go in directions that are out of your control, but that’s okay because it’s what makes each piece of silk art unique and special.

Just imagine when your painting becomes a scarf! The ultimate joy is wearing a piece of art that you created with your hands. You can even feel the movement of energy that has been involved in creating the artwork. It’s like wearing a piece of you, and that’s why we call it “From Art To Wearable Art!”

So, embrace the conversation with the silk and let it take you on a journey. You never know where the colors might lead you, but that’s the beauty of silk painting.

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