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There’s a story behind the bird symbol in all my designs. It’s like a piece of my heart that flies out into my designs every time. The bird concept comes from my name ‘Sayna’, which means phoenix. You know, that bird that rises from the ashes? It symbolizes rebirth and renewal, like a phoenix in a way.

Premium Luxury silk scarves SAYNA England UK

The bird is trying to remind us that there is always a time in life that we know by heart, a part of us must die in order to start a new beginning, that is the time to rebirth,

The time to rise from the ashes,

The time to let go of the past,

The time to change the old way of thinking,

The time to spread our wings and make a determined decision to embrace our transformation,

That is when you become New You, Wiser You, Stronger You

And that is a breakthrough moment which changes our story and that is where our new journey starts.

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