Fly high -wearable art design

Each design has its own story and inspiration. In my Migration Collection my inspiration comes from my own journey of immigration all alone. It was a tough decision for me to make as I had no idea what I wanted in my life. All I knew at that point was that I wanted freedom to make a brighter future. I clearly remember a voice within me was shouting out loud that I need a big change in my life, a huge shift, a new home, new life, new friends and NEW ME so I made my decision to follow my heart

I am sure many of you who have gone through a similar path totally understand the ups and downs of the journey, a dark and shady path that you had to go though with limited lantern light which only illuminates a single step at a time.

Bird flying to sky

The flying birds in my designs are a reflection of people who are in their journey of becoming who they are. My designs express the story of those who at some point decided to fly, even though they did not know how to open their wings. All they had was FAITH!

Migration Collection is the story of those who tried hard and never gave up. Those who trusted their journey worth taking!

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