Kanku phoenix cherry blossom

The eternal cycle of life,

Every birth for a better evolution!

The mystery of Phoenix rise,

And the dance of cherry blossoms in the spring breeze

The sanctity of Kanku,

All in one,

In an absolute wonder

This design is dedicated to Kyokushin practice and will be printed on premium silk scarves as limited edition. This has been designed in Apr 2020 when the whole world is united to fight Covid-19, the time when we all share one desire: TO Rise And Blossom Again

Design Inspiration:

The inspiration comes from 3 symbols. Cherry blossoms, Kanku and the Phoenix

Cherry blossoms are symbol of new beginning and a fresh start  and they only last for couple of weeks. They come to remind us how precious our lives are and no lives will last forever. When the blossoms start falling, it shows there is beauty in ending as well. As the cycle ends, it will rebirth the next year again.

The Kanku which is the symbol of Kyokushin Karate represents continuity of life so that for every beginning there is an end and that is The Ultimate Truth.

The phoenix is symbol of rebirth and renewal. It is about overcoming darkness and rising to the challenge to become the best version of ourselves.

Cant resist not to share the story in Persian language:

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