In the world of fashion and design, staying ahead of the curve and continually innovating is essential. As a designer for Sayna London silk scarves, I’ve always been on the lookout for ways to infuse my creations with fresh, unique ideas. With a background in technology, I was naturally drawn to the idea of adapting artificial intelligence (AI) to elevate my design process.

Inspiration & Source of Fresh Ideas

As a designer, I often find myself caught in a creative way, struggling to come up with fresh ideas and concepts. This is where AI truly shines. Even when some of its design suggestions didn’t make the final cut for a collection, they still played an invaluable role in sparking new ideas and directions for my work.

Check out these AI-generated designs by Midjourney, inspired by ancient city architucture!

Maybe I should let the AI take over and become a designer while I sit back and relax. Just kidding 😊

What’s Next for Sayna London?

Well, it looks like my silk scarf designs are just the beginning! I’m ready to take on other products like sportswear…and let’s be real, who doesn’t want to work out in a colorful pattern? I’m excited to see where this colorful journey takes me next!

What I appreciate most about incorporating AI into my design process is how it challenges me to think outside the box.

It’s easy to fall into familiar patterns and design comfort zones, but AI tools encourage experimentation and exploration. It’s like having a robotic hype man who’s always shouting “you can do it!” 🙂 — Sayna

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